Simply Sweet Marriage: Are you a Gamer?

February 24, 2009

Are you a Gamer?

"An Enchanted Evening" Game Review
Alright, so there are a lot of you who have already played this game, so feel free to chime in! An Enchanted Evening game is a great way for many couples to get to know each other better. The game encourages you to bring your favorite drink (for my hubby ;) that's Mtn. Dew), and something good to eat. Suggestions are also made to light candles, turn on soft music, and set the atmosphere. Sweet Ideas!
Then there is real life...he hee :D There are those times when you only have a few moments to spend together...without candles, treats, drinks, and the whole ambience...but you are both committed to being intimate, even if it's emotional--right? How about a quick game?
We played the game, and you know what?! It wasn't cheesy like we first thought that it might be or too sexy like some couples games are. (For our game suggestions, click HERE).
An Enchanted Evening has 100 cards, 1 "Wish" card, a board, and die. The cards can be used by just pulling out one or two a night if you want! (2 games in one). The goal of the game is to win the ultimate gift, the "wish" written by each player on their "wish card". The wish can be anything from having your spouse do dishes for a week to giving you a 30 minute back rub. (I always wondered how honey-do's were won!) The 4 sets of cards focus on differnt areas of your relationship. Here are a few questions from the game:
  • When you're apart, what positive thoughts about your partner drift across your mind?
  • A bud blooms into a lovely blossom-in what way has your relationship grown more satisfying?
  • The future includes hopes and dreams-what three things do you hope your partner will experience this year?
  • Something simple and wonderful-hug your partner.
  • If you need a reason, it's because it feels good-stroke the inside of your partner's arms.
  • Dancing cheek to cheek may be one thing, but kissing your partner's cheek is another-kiss gently.
  • Crepe Suzettes, Oysters Rockefeller, fried chicken and biscuits-the chef is at your command. Describe a marvelous, sensual meal that you'd like to share with your partner.
  • You bought a "flying bed" at a Persian market. What romantic place would you like to fly to together?
  • You've often thought these things-now softly whisper something in your partner's ear.
Of coarse ther are 100 cards and I wasn't about to type them all out. Some will have you standing in a pose, and laughing your head off at how silly you think you must look, others are more senssual and loving. If you thought that games were something that you weren't interested in, think again! An Enchanted Evening is a brilliant way to get to know who you are married to for the first time or all over again! We give it a thumbs up! You can check it out HERE! Have a Simply Sweet Marriage!