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December 17, 2012

FREE Pastie* with purchase {5 days only}

For some added holiday CHEER, we are offering 1 free set of pasties for all orders $50.00 or more.  

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Product added to order, must include the coupon code in the shopping cart.  Offer not included with other offers or applied to previous orders or emails. Due to product availability of this giveaway, we have the right to substitute pastie colors.  The selected items* will not be included in the minimum purchase amount and are taxable where applicable.   Offer available December 17-21 and expires December 21, 2012 at 11 pm, Pacific time.  Merry Christmas!

September 26, 2012

Autographed Books and Winner

Just a reminder that we only have a few of Laura M. Brotherson's **AUTOGRAPHED** books left...get them before they are gone!

You can buy them HERE

Thanks again for helping us to say thanks to Laura M. Brotherson for her help with marriages.  We also wanted to congratulate our winner of our THANKFUL GIVEAWAY:

Congrats to Joriel H. of Utah

She will enjoy over $50.00 worth of products, courtesy of  :)

September 10, 2012

"THANK YOU to Laura Brotherson" FREE Giveaway!

Check out Laura's signature above!!!
We are doing a giveaway of some fun products, including an autographed copy of Laura Brotherson's book, 
We are hoping to bribe you to help us THANK Laura for all that she has done and continues to do in her work of  improving marriages. We also hope that you will get to know her work...

(Hey, the book in this image now has an autograph!)

We are going to make you work a little for this free giveaway worth $50+**! LOL!
To enter become a fan and/or make the following posts on Laura's Facebook Page(s):
"I just became a fan of Strengthening Marriage, Inc. for the giveaway!"


"I just became a fan of The Marital Intimacy Show for the giveaway!"


"I just subscribed to Laura's "Straight Talkabout Strengthening Marriage" newsletter!"  (you can post this on her facebook pages)
For those of you who already subscribe to her two Facebook Pages and her newsletter and want to still enter the giveaway, you will just need to post a link of your favorite article, blog post or podcast of Laura's and tell her and others WHY you like it!             
Because we are hoping to reach as many people as possible and get the word out about Laura Brotherson and her work, please allow the link and post to show on your feed/page view or timeline.
So your Facebook post could look like this:
"For the giveaway: I am a fan of Strengthening Marriage, Inc. and my favorite post/article is ______________!"


"For the giveaway: I am a fan of The Marital Intimacy Show and my favorite podcast is ___________!"

and/or post on one or both of Laura's Facebook Pages:

"For the giveaway: I subscribe to Laura's "Straight Talk about Strengthening Marriage" newsletter and I have learned ____________ about marriage from Laura Brotherson!"


(Of course, you fill in the blanks and use your own words.)
{Wink. Wink.} 

This gives each person a chance at FOUR possible entries for a chance to win $50+ worth of fun intimacy-inducing products for just a few minutes of your time! :)


A random winner will be chosen from the posts Laura receives. 

(That is why you cannot post below! Ha ha!)  So go on over and get to know Laura Brotherson or tell her thanks for what she has done for you!
Thank you fans for helping US to say "Thank you" and hopefully in a big way!

This giveaway ends on SEPTEMBER 24th, 2012 but our thanks will never end!  :)

*More Information about Laura:
Web: -- Your trusted resource for education, products and services to strengthen marriages...intimately! --Laura's Counseling, Coaching, Consultations
Blog: “Laura’s Strengthening Marriage Blog” --
Podcast: --The Women’s Information Network (The WIN)
Facebook: Become a Fan!
Strengthening Marriage, Inc.--
& The Marital Intimacy Show --

 **Please note the following:               

This giveaway is open to those in the United States only (sorry) and is intended to be given where it is legal. Void where prohibited.  Please check your local laws, as local and state laws vary. These products are given from our hearts in gratitude and appreciation of Laura Brotherson for Strengthening Marriages.  All products, shipping/handling and taxes will be paid through the generosity of
Simply Sweet Marriage, LLC. 



August 27, 2012

Drum roll for our gratitude Giveaway....

We will soon be posting about our giveaway to the fans of Laura Brotherson.  We have handpicked a few items and paid for them with our own pockets...just because.
Laura wrote a book that has triggered a fabulous change for many couples.  We have followed her for many years and she is still going strong.  :)

We would love for you to check out her book And They Were Not Ashamed (click on the title).  We are so thankful for her advice and help to many couples...she is featured on our Education page HERE.

She has some great blog posts HERE.  She is on facebook too and does a wonderful podcast...but you can find out more by going to her if you missed it, click on the arrow.

Happy 21st Anniversary in July to Laura and her husband, Kevin!


Keep your eyes open for some fun things to celebrate your marriage with...our Gratitude Giveaway will be posted this week!
Please note: Due to some unforseeable personal circumstances, we will be doing this giveaway in September.

July 28, 2012

Happy PHS '92 Reunion

We hope that the class of '92 PHS enjoyed the handpicked gifts we sent to their 20 year high school reunion tonight!  Go Bulldogs!  ;)  
Thank you to Sherri, who helped to spice up the night!

July 18, 2012

Thank you Laura Brotherson!

We are doing a special shout out to!

Thank you Laura Brotherson for all that you do to help people that you may never know. (and for those you do!)  Thank you for making your life mission be something worth so much....strengthening marriage.  In honor of you we are doing a special giveaway to your fans.  Check out our blog during the first week of August SEPTEMBER for a fun giveaway.

Special Note:  Please forgive us, due to unforseeable personal circumstances, we will be doing this giveaway in September.