Simply Sweet Marriage: Simply Sweet Marriage responds to Modern Molly Mormon subscribers!

April 24, 2009

Simply Sweet Marriage responds to Modern Molly Mormon subscribers!

We recently did a giveaway at Modern Molly are some of their comments and our responses. A big thanks to "Untipically Jia" for all of her hard work in making our sponsorship a huge success!

Robert and Hannah says
I love Simply Sweet Marriage! I found them a few months ago and love how you can find some great resources for a marriage in a safe and clean environment.

THANKS for your support!

chelsea says
This is a great site...thanks for helping me find it. I like the magnet kit...poetry is great...but help is also good. Would love to win thanks!

Our Magnetic Poetry is really popular...especially with those wanting to keep the romance alive daily! A great way to share romance~on the fridge! LOL.

Rachel C. says
My favorite part of the site is their games section. They look like fun and not... um... I'm not sure what the word is. Probably nasty?

Our Games are another great way to especially help women set the stage for romance. Our chocolate games are super yummy!

The Caretaker says
I like the variety of products that they have. I just don't like the clothes part because I can't ever find anything cute in my size (even if it is coming off anyways...heehee).

Great News! We will soon be adding more of a variety of Lingerie, including more size options! Feel free to email us for styles you are interested in.

The Barnharts says
my favorite part is the blog- what a great idea!

Thanks! We love our blog followers!

Debbie says
My favorite part of the website is the education area. It's comforting to know that I am not the only one with

Our Education pages are a great way for anyone to understand our products! Questions one might have about the uses for thick or thin lubricants can be answered there and more!

Kritta22 says
I'm digging the quizzes on the sidebar of the blog

We are glad that people "dig" them!

*Marie* says
I just checked out Simply Sweet Marriage, and wow! What a great site! There is so much information on it- even a resource that can tell me how to become a certified marriage educator.

Thank you! Thanks for noticing our Resource page! Go ahead and check it out. ;p

Melissa says
so I checked out their website and I really like that I can buy intimate things for my hubby and me with out having to go to a porn shop.

Laurie saysMy favorite part of their site is the products. You can't find stuff like that anywhere without seeing X-rated stuff!

That is one of the benefits of being a non-pornographic site! Enjoy!

We are cleaning up the cobwebs!

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