Simply Sweet Marriage: Drum roll for our gratitude Giveaway....

August 27, 2012

Drum roll for our gratitude Giveaway....

We will soon be posting about our giveaway to the fans of Laura Brotherson.  We have handpicked a few items and paid for them with our own pockets...just because.
Laura wrote a book that has triggered a fabulous change for many couples.  We have followed her for many years and she is still going strong.  :)

We would love for you to check out her book And They Were Not Ashamed (click on the title).  We are so thankful for her advice and help to many couples...she is featured on our Education page HERE.

She has some great blog posts HERE.  She is on facebook too and does a wonderful podcast...but you can find out more by going to her if you missed it, click on the arrow.

Happy 21st Anniversary in July to Laura and her husband, Kevin!


Keep your eyes open for some fun things to celebrate your marriage with...our Gratitude Giveaway will be posted this week!
Please note: Due to some unforseeable personal circumstances, we will be doing this giveaway in September.