Simply Sweet Marriage: KJZZ14 TV in Utah

July 7, 2008

KJZZ14 TV in Utah

We were on the Home Team Talk Show--You & Me Monday, channel 14/KJZZ.

We had a chance to talk about Sex and Intimacy in marriage. The staff was friendly and the Team helped us feel right at "Home". We were interviewed by the talented Julie de Azevedo Hanks, founder and clinical director of Wasatch Family Therapy, relationship therapist, talk show host, singer/song writer and most importantly...mother of 4. Wow. With all of her accomplishment, she is surprisingly down to earth! (

We were there to talk about THE book, And They Were Not Ashamed, that inspired our company. The book was written by the stunning Laura Brotherson, author, Intimacy Educator, student, speaker, married 17 years, and mom of 3 fabulous kids. Laura has no inhibitions with talking about sex! Do not let that fool you...she still speaks with reverence. As an author and intimacy educator, Laura records a weekly podcast, writes for an online magazine, publishes an e-newsletter, and speaks in various venues. Kudos to Laura! For all you gals out there that have questions about what's acceptable and what's not or if you just want to improve the great relationship you've got...this book is highly recommended! (