Simply Sweet Marriage: Wow! Two Winners!

October 16, 2008

Wow! Two Winners!

( Photo used with permission by: Simply Taken)
Congrats to Tara for winning the high quality
"1940's Vintage Army" costume retail valued at $78.00!!
It is yours FREE from Simply Sweet Marriage!
She wrote: "Oooh I'm lovin that!! I think I'd look good in green!"
We decided that since there were only two gutsy ladies to enter, and share us on their blogs, we will also be gifting the Queen of the 3 Kings with lingerie. She wrote:
"I am in love with this outfit!! I've always wanted an "ARMY" shirt (but I think my husband would like this MUCH BETTER!!)"
Winners please email us!
We know that many many blogger's took a peek at this costume giveaway, but did not post it on their worries...check back because YOU are going to absolutely love our next giveaway! (Hint: The holidays are coming!)
Work at Making YOUR Marriage Simply Sweet!


Dana said...

I personally didn't enter because I think I was embarrased. It was soooo sexy. How could I wear something like that?

Laurie said...

I didn't enter because it wouldn't have fit me! :S Could you maybe vary the sizes on giveaways, since we're not all mediums... Just an idea... :)

The Kings said...

Even though I didn't win the army outfit, I am still very happy that you were kind enough to give me a treat anyway!! Your lingerie is beautiful.. nothing is too sexy when it comes to romancing your hubby! Hopefully you all end up naked anyway, and nothing is sexier than that! :)

Tara said...

Yeah!! That's awesome. Thanks. And if you want to give Kings the army outfit that would be fine with me. My husbands not that into costumes. And that will be great since it's almost our anniversary. 8 years, WOW!!