Simply Sweet Marriage: Hold Tight vs. The Magic Stick

June 10, 2009

Hold Tight vs. The Magic Stick

We were recently asked the difference between these two products...and which one is better? Hopefully, this will help:
Hold Tight is a cream that is applied to the area "down under" just prior to love making. The cream is designed to contract the vaginal walls and give the feeling of "tightness". If you have ever used a pore shrinking lotion that makes your skin feel is the same concept.
The Magic Stick is a tampon-like stick made from all-natural herbal ingredients. The stick is inserted "down under" for 2 to 5 minutes. Within 30 minutes the vaginal area has an increased sensation, giving the user a feeling of tightness.
Both products are designed to help the user have a temporary feeling of tightness. Women are all different, so depending on preferences, either one works. One is a cream, one is not.
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