Simply Sweet Marriage: Lubricant Essentials 202

July 7, 2009

Lubricant Essentials 202

Let’s face it, many of us have very busy lives! Sometimes our minds may not be in the “moment”, yet a smooth lubricant can move us into the love making mode! Moisture is essential to any kind of physical intimacy—rubbing dry on dry skin will quickly show you how uncomfortable sexual activity can be without it. (Try kissing without moisture). Moisture prevents micro-abrasions in our most sensitive areas that can happen from sexual friction, as well as heightens sensation. This can create a very negative feeling towards intimacy and love making.

Try the “finger on lip” test:

1. Run your finger over your dry lip.

2. Lick your lips and repeat step #1. Ah-Ha!

Many women need lubricants. But not all women are created equal. What is best for one woman is not always a good choice for another. Many factors contribute to these differences including age, birth control methods, etc.

We encourage couples to remember the Warm-up Phase as a way to get the engine going and the natural lubricants flowing. May we suggest that you read Lubricant Essentials 202 for more information about what type of moisture is best for you.
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Anonymous said...

We use KY jelly during love making. We use it because we need a water-based lubricant and because it washes easily and does not stain, but I hate that we have to reapply it over and over. This interupts the romantic moment.

Do ya'll have any suggestions about this disruption?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your explanation of lubricants! I am a nursing mom. My OB/GYN told me to use a lubricant because of my hormone levels. I have never needed a lubricant before. Reading the Essentials 202 section was exactly what I needed.

~Nursing mom from the Midwest