Simply Sweet Marriage: Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

September 25, 2009

Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

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"Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship"
by Laura M. Brotherson

Characteristics of a healthy sexual relationship in marriage include mutual fulfillment, open communication, a satisfactory frequency of intimate relations, and emotional connection beyond the bedroom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How would you define a healthy sexual relationship in marriage?

While there may be a number of ways, the following represents my definition of a healthy sexual relationship:

  1. Mutually Fulfilling. Lovemaking is mutually enjoyable and satisfying for both husband and wife. (This would include regular orgasms for both husband and wife.)

  2. Open Communication. Husband and wife communicate openly and honestly about sex–including their needs and preferences. This ability allows them to reconcile the many differences that will inevitably arise in the sexual relationship.

  3. Satisfactory Frequency. Both husband and wife feel satisfied with the frequency of lovemaking.

  4. Emotional Connection Beyond the Bedroom. In order for the intimate relationship to come full circle there must be good emotional connection outside the bedroom as well.

How Many Fit?

What percentage of couples would you think fit this description of a healthy sexual relationship? Most research only measures sexual dysfunction rather than how many people consider themselves to have a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship, so it’s difficult to find accurate information.

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