Simply Sweet Marriage: 2010: Simple Yet Powerful New Year’s REVOLUTIONS

December 28, 2009

2010: Simple Yet Powerful New Year’s REVOLUTIONS

~ Jim & Carrie ~
{Simply Sweet Marriage Note:  The Intimate Couple  encourages healthy marriages and we wanted to share with you, this great article, just in time for New Years!}

Simple Yet Powerful New Year’s Revolutions
written by Jim (& encouraged by Carrie)
originally published in The Intimate Couple E-Zone December 26, 2009

No, this is not a misspelling! A revolution is a resolution that will change your marriage (and by extension, your life!) if you put it into practice!

1. Make romance a regular part of your week.

Daily: Say, “I love you!” at least three times a day. Most people think they say this more than they actually do.

Daily: Practice “non-sexual touch”: a soft stroke or caress on the cheek, arm, or shoulder as you’re passing by says, “I acknowledge you and value you!”

Weekly: Written communication via email, “stick-it” note, love note, message on bathroom mirror or window, Facebook, hidden card in a lunch box, or slipped in a purse.

2. Rewind—dust off and use some old habits practiced during dating—and use them everyday!
 Some couples lose the flame in their relationship, because they’ve stopped kindling the fire!

Open the door for your wife! (both at home and at the car) .

Kiss your wife/ husband goodbye each time you leave home.

Hold hands and pray for each other before bed every night.

Call your wife/ husband during the day for no other reason than to keep in touch.

Practice the “4-minute rule”: Whenever you meet your spouse after work, take 4 minutes to connect—embrace, kiss, look each other in the eyes, give undivided attention and share mutual news.

3. Sit down together with your spouse and plan a weekend away as your own personal mini-marriage retreat!

When finances are a limiting concern—be creative! Have the kids away for a weekend, and just stay home—but refuse to answer the phone, get distracted by email or Facebook, or watch TV! Use your time to focus on each other and reignite some sparks!

4. Read a marriage enrichment book together.

Check out the resource page on our site for some great suggestions. Read aloud (take turns reading, even when going for a walk together) and make comments and suggestions how you might apply the material to your marriage relationship.

5. Take the 7-Day Sex Challenge.

This 7 day mini course, taken at home through a downloadable eBook, will change your marriage! Based on six key, biblical concepts you will develop skills and experiences with which you can enhance your relationship. Check out the 7 Day Sex Challenge HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this website! its great

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have taken the 7-Day Sex Challenge--we loved it! Our marriage improved!