Simply Sweet Marriage:'s cold outside!

December 9, 2009's cold outside!

Here in Utah, things are getting a bit cold!

Just to warm your hearts (pun intended ;p hee hee) we will be giving away free AMAZING HOT HEART massagers ($10.50 value) with each order $25 or more. Do NOT add it to your cart unless you want two, as it will be automatically sent with each order of $25.00 or more.

Hot Hearts are reuseable and feel oh so good! Many couples enjoy using massage oils with it and others like to leave it on a spot like their back and use a feather to tickle other areas such as hands and feet.  Whatever you enjoy will love combining it with other Sensual Products!

Hurry! Offer will expire December 15, 2009 at midnight MST. Merry Christmas!

We are cleaning up the cobwebs!

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Anonymous said...

SWEET!!! Thank you!