Simply Sweet Marriage: 14 Days of Valentines

January 22, 2009

14 Days of Valentines

You are invited to: Valentine's Day 2009
When: Saturday, February 14th
Where: ???

We just wanted to share an idea of doing the 14 days of Valentines for your spouse. Beginning on February 1st and ending on Valentine's Day. There are several ways you could do this, and NOW is the perfect time to plan and prepare. Here are some ideas we came up with:
  • Write 14 love notes, poems, coupons, etc. & seal in envelopes to be given or found on each of the 14 days
  • Do a 14 Day scavenger hunt where your spouse collects items for the ultimate night on the 14th
  • Plan each of the 14 days to complete a "Honey-Do" from that never ending list (almost guaranteed to please!)
  • Promise to make DATE NIGHT a priority by scheduling it out for the rest of the year, even purchasing tickets for special events, include planned ideas for dates at home...wrap the calendar with tickets, etc. and give!
  • Get a babysitter lined up for the 14th now! Plan! Back up Plan!
  • Make "Love Coupons"
  • Plan a romantic evening at home: creatively use what you have on hand or purchase items wanted or needed which could include...different sized candles, dinner &/or dessert, massage oils, lingerie, a homemade gift, etc.
Whatever you choose, plan memories today. Please share your ideas!

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