Simply Sweet Marriage: Busy Season!

February 6, 2009

Busy Season!

We are giving away a Red Hot Game!

Speak Love, Make Love is a uniquely designed two-sided board game that melds the communication of thoughts & feelings with the sensual pleasuring sides of a couple's love life.
Speak Love, Make Love is a game of romance, giving, & receiving love, which offers you and your spouse two types of intertwined play.
To qualify, post 14 Things you do to show your spouse LOVE
~Drawing ENDS February 10th~~
We are looking forward to launching on our Anniversary!
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mom/Janet said...

1. Alway kiss him goodbye
2. Meet him at the door when he gets home.
3. Thank him whenever he does something to help me
4. Sit close to him when we watch the news.
5. Hug him often
6. Hold his hand whenever we go places
7. Give him neck rubs when I'm looking over his sholder.
8. Send him a text message
9. Send him a short e-mail telling him I'm thinking of him.
10. Let him know how lucky I feel that I'm married to him
11.Get up with him and see him off to work at 5:30 - 6:00am
12. Tell him I love him often
13. Make him special dinners or dessert.
14. Encourage and welcome intimacy.

Karl and Ashley said...

1. Cook him food - he's always hungry!
2. Keep my messiness confined to my side of the bed.
3. Lots of hugs.
4. Pack leftovers into tupperwares so he has lunch for the next day.
5. Cuddle with him.
6. Send him pick-me-up texts throughout the day.
7. Give him back scratches.
8. Encourage him about work and school when he is feeling overwhelmed.
8. Let him play x-box even when I don't want him to (sometimes!).
9. Pay the bills.
10. Wash his clothes.
11. Ask him out on dates.
12. Do aerobics so I can be looking my best for him.
13. Try to make him laugh.
14. By telling him everyday "I love you."

Simply Sweet Marriage said...

Ohhh! Such Sweet Ideas! Thank You for sharing!

Thad and Julie said...

1. Always kiss him goodbye and goodnight.
2. Try to have the house clean for when he gets home.
3. Listen to him try to explain his studies to me even though they are all mostly way over my head. It helps him remember what he's learned.
4. Wash and fold all the laundry.
5. Rub his back, neck and head for him.
6. He loves to be surprised by his little girls. I often pack up the girls in our double stroller and hike the killer hill at BYU for surprise visits to daddy's office.
7. Go shopping with him. (He's the shopper in the family.)
8. I'll often wait until the afternoon to shower so he can have all the hot water in the morning.
9. Give him pedicures.
10. The last thing I say to him at night or before we leave each other is "I love you".
11. Try to do something from his honey-do list for him.
12. Take pictures and/or notes of his girls being cute when he's not home so he won't completely miss out on those times.
13. Read books to him when he drives on our long trips.
14. Tell him how happy I am to see him when he comes home.

Spencer and Heather Riddle said...

1. I kiss him when he leaves and comes home
2. I stay up late to help him study for his tests
3. I do the shopping- groceries and clothes (he despises shopping)
4. I allow him to pick movies that he wants to see
5. I go on walks and hikes and do “outdoorsy” stuff even though it’s not my thing
6. I try to look nice for him when he comes home
7. I let him unwind when he gets home
8. I cuddle with him during movies, I hold his hand all the time and grab his bum sometimes
9. I drape my arms over his shoulders when he is studying at the computer, kiss him on the cheek and say “I love you”
10. I try to be encouraging when he comes home discouraged from a bad test score or a crappy class
11. I do the laundry
12. I give him a big hug and a big big kiss and say “I love you” and “sweet dreams” before we go to sleep
13. I kneel and pray with him every night
14. I listen to him and let him voice his opinion without getting angry