Simply Sweet Marriage: Cupcake...Honeybun's or Peaches?

April 13, 2009

Cupcake...Honeybun's or Peaches?

Secrets of the Happily Married...
Studies have found that couples who maintain a five-to-one ratio of positive to negative communications are far more likely to remain happy. "Using nicknames and made-up language is an easy way to inject positive communication into everyday life," says Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D., a New York City relationship therapist.

What nicknames do you call your spouse? After reading this article I got thinking about all of the names I have heard...I think the sugary food names are my favorite. What are yours?


Do you have a secret "love language"? Do you have code words for when it's time to leave a situation or put the kids to bed? Or do you have code words to say..."hey, I am interested in..."? My husband and I have a is actually really nice because it is like reading each other's mind in a single moment and no one else knows!


Do you keep the romance alive with inside jokes or romantic history? A quick cute comment from my hubby of some personal romantic shared history can make me smile. It is often the thing I need to relieve the stress of the day and get right into the moment. How about you?

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